to the website of theatre maker Frans Custers, who is active in the areas: Street theatre and animations, movement theatre/ dance, workshops and regie. In this website you will find extensive information about all of the above.

Since 1981, Frans Custers has been acting and dancing on street and in theatres. Year after year he developed his own style which is portrayed with the words “unique, so different and intensive” by a festival organizer.

Street theatre/animations

“I always try to be different; extreme in expressing, I do it like nobody else would do and I always put an additional difficulty.” says Frans Custers. His Turkish shoeshine man character for example, speaks just Turkish and this is a big handicap which is Frans Custers’ conscious choice. “This keeps me alert.” he describes.

Movement theatre/dance

In and outdoor performances resemble Japanese Butoh dance strongly. With extra power and intensity, even a static scene can become fascinating: Less is more.

Workshop and regie

In his workshops, lessons and regies, Frans Custers look to what is going on in the student or the dancer in total. After his lessons even walking on the street becomes different.

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