For Frans Custers dance, performing arts and drama have always been a matter of course. In primary school, he organised an afternoon of circus/drama for his classmates. Without knowing it, humour played an important role in this. He did not always realise why he made people laugh so much. In secondary school, the aesthetic also became part of it. That the performing arts would always play the leading role in his life became apparent during his advanced training in Eindhoven.He seized every opportunity to satisfy his theatrical needs. This started in 1981, in two directions.

On the one hand, there were the street performances. With a roll of toilet paper, to mark off the playing area, an act was put together. During clown courses and thanks to a lot of practical experience, he learned the insights that are needed to meet people with an open mind. When more and more people stayed and watched, a serious approach was chosen. That is how the successful Duo het Elftal came into being. After many years of productive co-operation, Frans went on alone in 1990. Searching for new challenges and with the audience playing opposite him, he got every chance to develop his talent for improvisation. With little more than himself, the walking acts began to look more and more like stage. Unconscious of time and space, he knew how to hold on to his audience in one place for a longer time.

On the other hand, there was dance/movement. As a dancer at Het Klein, a group for the art of movement, he developed from a pantomime player into an artist of movement. Thanks to his training in various forms of dance, mime, song, and acrobatics, he got a broad range of possibilities to satisfy his artistic aspirations. These experiences have given him the opportunity to develop a movement pattern all of his own, which, as turned out afterwards, has many affinities with the Japanese Butoh dance. The enormous interest shown in the Netherlands as well as abroad is his biggest reward. In some disciplines of performing arts Frans is working as a teacher and director.