Miep is a farmer’s wife from the Limburg village of Siebengewald. There she lives with her husband Toon. Every now and then, to get some rest, they go off for one or several days, because all the work on the farm is no picnic.

Miep tries to find fun activities where she can meet people. Because she likes to chat, very much. Dressed in a green loden coat and with a bag overloaded with vegetables, Miep trudges through the crowd. With her voluminous, piercing voice she keeps people informed about her opinion. And she has one. In her own natural way she overwhelms people with her opinion. Miep will absorb the visitors of your happening inside her world.
You can meet Miep at all kinds of open-air activities such as street show festivals, fairs, shopping areas etc. But Miep is also employable at staff parties, galas, exhibitions, receptions and so on. She will warmly welcome the guests and will inform them about the prices of the drinks and the hour at which the croquette rolls will be served.
Are you looking for a good excuse to interrupt your conference, or do you need some noise on your seminar, then Miep is the perfect way. Miep is also open to all special assignments, fill in for yourself!