Leather trousers, white shirt, bow tie and hat. Suitcase in his hand.
With an enormity of intensity he moves very carefully, shyly, he sometimes puts a step forward and then back again. He goes his own way, and meets a lot.........

The Little Clown is brilliantly quiet. Silently he approaches his audience, observes them and watches, watches, and watches. It seems as if the initiative lies with the audience. Someone gives him candy, something to drink, or tells him sweet words. Or just watches him. Also in that case he will react adequately. Not too big, just enough. Sometimes people cannot get enough of his gaze and just watch his watching. As strong as iron, but at the same time fragile as glass.The Little Clown can be found at various open-air happenings, such as street festivals, fairs, shopping areas etc. But the Little Clown is also a happy choice for livening up staff parties, galas, exhibitions, receptions and so on. Of course he is also available for special assignments.
The Little Clown will perform solely for adults.In a time of fast television series, spectacular performances and dazzling shows, who still dares to present the small, vulnerable act of the Little Clown?