The Fundament tells the story of a man who carries the scars of his past with him. His environment determines how he should behave and feel. By giving in to this, he is still more torn and deprived of reality. By going his own way, he is freed from every burden. He feels good, whatever his environment thinks of it.

Ever since Frans Custers started thinking of the performing arts, he has been thinking of dance and movement. From the moment he left school and decided to spend his life with the performing arts, dance and movement have played an important role. He started with pantomime, but that soon bored him. Through the years he tried several techniques of dance and movement and thus created his own language of movement, which is strongly reminiscent of the Japanese Butoh dance. This form of dance is given ample space in The Fundament.The Fundament is a dance performance lasting 20 minutes. The performance is of an experimental nature, and is very suitable for small stages at festivals and in balanced programmes, but also on special open-air locations. The performance comes out best in a protected environment, so that no sounds from outside can get through. With indoors performances, light effects can be used, which adds to the quality of the show. For “The Fundament” an even playing surface of 3 by 6 metres and a professional sound installation are required. There should also be a proper dressing room.