Huseyin has had years of practical experience as a shoeshine boy in Istanbul, and now he goes out into the world to follow his trade. However, there is one big problem: he only speaks Turkish.

He will have to pull out all the stops to make contact with people and to obtain his goal. Actually, he wants to earn as much money as possible by polishing shoes, but his disposition is such that he doesn’t let people pay him because everyone is his friend. Only people who really insist are allowed to pay. At first sight, he seems very quiet, but once he gets going, he gets carried away by his emotions. Romance experiences golden times. To him, chatting with people is more important than earning money.

The authentic looking Boyacı Huseyin was inspired on the shoeshine boys that Frans Custers experienced in Istanbul. In this act, he actually speaks Turkish and polishes shoes with authentic Turkish material. It is not immediately obvious that he is not a Turk, but as soon as people react to him, his weird character is shown.

Apart from the theatrical element, Boyacı Huseyin also delivers a nice visual picture.