Duration of a standard workshop of  Frans Custers is 5 days and 7 hours a day. Some elements on which the workshop stands are: trust, structure, openness, self-responsibility and grounding.“In my performances, I express with my body what I feel and what makes me move.

In order to do that, I need to stand with both legs on the ground and I concentrate on myself- my center. That means that I also have to prepare myself by various  kinds of trainings, meditation, praying. Then I can live the contact with my deeper self and being. In other words, the brain doesn’t dominate anymore. During the performance, it is vital that I have body consciousness, without being in my thoughts. With the help of the exercises, I bring the participants in contact with this consciousness of feeling their bodies. It is important that they surrender to the process. To achieve this I create a clear structured workshop, give a feeling of trust and work with them on opening up. Moreover, giving words to the feelings is a part of the workshop.
Probably the most important points are the power, the dosing and the technique of the movement. Depending on the group, in the beginning the exercises are done altogether; as the workshop proceeds bit by bit the exercises are done with smaller groups and then solo exercises are made, which in the end finds its way to each participant making a solo of her/his own.